AIA Tennessee comments on “regionalism”

In Summer of 2017, the Office of the State Architect reached out to AIA Tennessee on its position regarding “regionalism” on state project selection. After discussion at the September 2017 AIA Tennessee Board Meeting, the Board finalized the position on “regionalism”  – See below for an excerpt as well as a link to see the complete memorandum.

In August of 2017, the Office of the State Architect (“OSA”) approached AIA Tennessee regarding its position on “regionalism” related to the selection of designers on state projects. Historically, the State Building Commission (“SBC) selected designers based on the three grand divisions of Tennessee (west, middle and east). Over the past few months, the State Building Commission has noticed designers proposing for projects outside their “region”. 

The *SBC policy for designer selection is delegated to the Office of the State Architect. To date, the **OSA policy for designer selection is Tennessee firms are given primary consideration unless the State determines it is in the State’s best interest to consider non-Tennessee firms, 2. Evaluators will primarily consider Designers within the region of a project.

On September 25, 2017, the AIA Tennessee Board reviewed and discussed the referenced policies and determined the following positions.

AIA Tennessee is: 1. In full support of the SBC/OSA policy for Tennessee firms to be given primary consideration for state projects and urges the SBC/OSA to continue to uphold this policy, and 2. Believes “region” should not be defined as the three grand divisions but rather defined by desired proximity/distance to the project, and 3. Urges State Procurement Agencies to define proximity in the Project’s Request for Qualifications.

Click here to view the AIA TN 2017 Memorandum on Regionalism