AIA TN’s Terms & Agreement for Photo Upload

Uploading any photo through this website/jotform platform constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of use outlined herein:

1) As the submitter of this photo, it is your responsibility to ensure that all photos you upload are your original works and intellectual property. You must hold all legal rights from the artist or photographer to submit this photo for posting to this Jotform account, and you personally accept any responsibility in regards to the posting of this photo.

2) If the photo is on an adult you have their permission to upload this photo. If the photo is of a minor child, you have both the permission of the child AND the adult guardian to upload the photo.

3) All photos uploaded must be relevant to the virtual awards theme.

4) No advertising or promotional image files will be approved.  

5) AIA TN may use any photo for commercial purposes and will use this photo as part of the Virtual Awards program.


The photographs you upload to may be publicly visible. DO NOT upload any photo that you do not want seen by the public, including AIA TN members.

You may enter a caption for your image and tags for searching. Please make sure these are relevant to the image and do not include any personal information such as a name or birthdate.