Gulf States Young Architects Forum Regional Director Call for Volunteers



Looking to be involved with the AIA YAF at the national level? The YAF needs you!

Application Deadline, Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The AIA Young Architects Forum (YAF) regional directors work with their counterparts; the College of Fellows regional representatives and the National Associates Committee regional associate directors. YAF regional directors are responsible for gathering information about issues facing young architects within their geographic areas and disseminating information about national/regional activities and resources for use on the local level. Of equal importance, YAF regional directors serve as an important link between young architects and the national organization. Architects who have been licensed for no more than ten years are eligible for this two-year term with the opportunity to reapply once for a maximum of four years of experience.

The YAF Regional Director for the Gulf States Region for the 2015-2016 term will be selected from the AIA Tennessee membership. Interested applicants are encouraged to review this call for submissions.
For additional information, please visit the YAF Regional Directors page.

Questions? To discuss this position and application process in more depth, please contact the current YAF Regional Director Jamie Brown, AIA, 256.489.8050 or the 2011-2012 YAF Regional Director; Josh Flowers, AIA 901.577.0523.


The YAF Regional Director is the primary connection between local AIA chapters, the Gulf States regional leadership and the national YAF Advisory Committee.

1. The YAF Regional Director will keep communications flowing between these groups by:

  • Maintaining quarterly communication with all YAF chapters within the Gulf States region.
  • Reporting to YAF Regional Director Adviser with regional updates quarterly.
  • Serve as a conduit between local YAF chapters, the Gulf States Regional Board of Directors and YAF Advisory Committee
  • Disseminating information to and collecting information from local chapters as requested.
  • Submitting an annual regional report four weeks prior to the annual AIA National Convention.
  • Write and/or solicit articles for publication in Connection, the YAF’s e-newsletter. Each Director is responsible for providing one article a year to the Communications Advisor for inclusion in one issue of Connection annually. Additional articles are appreciated and encouraged.
  • Participate in a monthly conference call with other YAF Regional Directors and YAF Advisory committee members.

2. The YAF Regional Director contributes to the direction and planning of the YAF by:

  • Participating in the YAF Annual Meeting.
  • Working with Advisory Committee members on various issues pertaining to their individual positions on the AdCom.

3. The YAF Regional Director is the primary connection at the regional level to other groups in the AIA by:

  • Participate in monthly Gulf States region Emerging Professional conference calls. Communicate with the Gulf States COF Regional Representative about how to work together to support each other’s efforts.
  • Collaborate with the NAC Regional Associate Director to support emerging professionals in the Gulf States region.
  • Suggesting young architects for nomination for regional or national awards, positions or committees/subcommittees.
  • Attending AIA National Convention, when possible.

4. Additional responsibilities may be required by each respective region.

  • YAF Regional Directors are required to work with their respective regions to ensure that expectations from regional leadership are clearly defined and met.
  • The YAF Advisory committee encourages all applicants to discuss the position with their regional leadership (either their Regional AIA President and/or Executive Director) to fully understand the role and commitment that the YAF Regional Director will have to their respective region prior to submitting their application.
  • Attend the Gulf States regional meeting at Grassroots and all Gulf States Regional Council meetings. Vote on matters that come before the council.
  • Attend state conventions within the region as schedule and budget allow.

5. Additional items:

  • Participation and Funding to national events are required as annual budget allow
  • Upon request of YAF, may act as author, speaker or coordinator at selected YAF events
  • Depending on budget, may be funded to attend the YAF Annual meeting.
  • Depending on Gulf States regional budget, may receive a travel stipend for travel within the region.

Applications Requirements:

  • Applicant Letter of Interest: one 8.5”x11” page describing applicant’s interest in a specific position.
  • Back-up materials: five 8.5”x11” pages maximum, including applicant’s resume at a minimum;
  • Three letters of recommendation (including one from an AIA component leader).

Please submit application to AIA Tennessee as a PDF document titled “YARD_Application_LastName_FirstName.pdf” emailed to