EP Friendly Firm Award & Video Short/Poster Design Challenges

Emerging professional include architecture students, recent graduates, and newly licensed Architects who have been licensed within the last ten years. Emerging Professionals may be referred to as “EPs” as short hand.  EP leaders from across the state have joined forces to roll-out the following opportunities to get EPs involved in AIA Tennessee because they are architecture’s next generation!


About EP Friendly Firm Awards 

AIA TN would like to recognize Tennessee firms who offer great support and opportunities to their Emerging Professionals and to suggest more ways that all firms can elevate the level of EP support state-wide. We hope this process helps foster dialogue within firms and communities and across the state to create new and innovative policies and opportunities to support and develop the future members of our profession.

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About Video Shorts/Poster Design Challenge

The AIA TN Video Shorts / Poster Design Challenge invites architects and designers to bring their perspective to life through film. The competition will be framed around the 2018 AIA TN Convention in Franklin. The challenge seeks to give presence, voice, and creative expression through video; capture different perspectives; and highlight what design professionals and community members are doing across our state.

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