Troop Draw Down Update – Col. Jeff Holmes, AIA

Iraq – Reality of the “Responsible Drawdown of Forces in Iraq”, as it is known, has kicked in and the Regiment already has soldiers on the ground in TN. Unfortunately for many families, we’re not all coming home at the same time and redeployment will stretch out a little more than the typical time frame. Due to operational security issues, the families don’t have much advanced notice when their soldier is going to arrive, but, we’re coming home early so it’s hard to find anyway here complaining of that minor inconvenience. Packing equipment is the order of the day but we’ll really feel like we’ve made it when we get our last convoy back in the wire in a few days. Then the celebration really begins. Unfortunately no alcohol here so we’ll have to settle for some volley ball, softball, and horse shoe matches to fill in some time and those can even be kind of dangerous when dealing with caffeined up, energy drinking, hyped up soldiers who know they’re getting close to leaving this place for the last time. But that challenge will be a lot less stressful than the past few months so its all good. Best thing is we’ll all get to experience one more fall season in Tennessee, including football and Thanksgiving, and that’s an early Christmas present for all of us.