2020 EP Friendly Firm Award – Now Accepting Submissions






The goal of the EP Friendly Firm awards program is to foster dialogue within firms across the state to create new and innovative policies and opportunities that support and develop future members of the design profession.

Emerging Professionals are critical components to the vitality and growth of AIA and the profession. As such, recruitment and retention of these valued members is critical to our success. AIA Tennessee recognizes firms who offer superior support and opportunities to Emerging Professionals. We hope this process helps foster dialogue within firms and communities and across the state to create new and innovative policies and opportunities to support and develop the future members of our profession.


  • Foster Value and Retention of EPs
  • Providing unique firm cultures and benefits to encourage recruitment of EPs
  • Providing equitable compensation and benefits
  • Provide strong professional development for EPs
    Encouraging and celebrating licensure
    Providing EPs with a broad and diverse experiences in firm practice
    Committing to and investing in EPs at all phases of their professional development
  • Promote EP engagement and leadership in the profession and the community
  • Providing leadership opportunities to EPs
  • Encouraging EPs to inform firm culture to transform the practice of architecture for the next generation.
  • Promoting involvement in the AIA and industry, charitable, and community organizations


Upon the evaluation of the following application by an impartial jury, we will present the certification of “EP-Friendly Firm” to applicants who demonstrate consistent accordance with the guiding principles listed above. Firms qualifying for this status may use the AIA TN EP-Friendly Firm logo on promotional materials to display their commitment to Emerging Professionals.

If a firm exhibits particular excellence, we will award a single “Outstanding EP-Friendly Firm” award in each category listed below:

Small firm = 10 & under
Medium firm = 11-49
Large firm = 50+

All awards will be presented at the AIA Tennessee Conference on Architecture. As this recognition is awarded annually, firms are encouraged to participate every year, refining their applications to demonstrate their continued support of EPs. An out-of-state jury will judge applications; firm identities will remain anonymous during evaluation.


The online application is to be filled out together by one firm principal and one EP. Both must sign the application for it to be valid.

Please limit answers to the space provided. All answers should reflect the firm’s current policies and practices.

There is no monetary fee to apply: we only ask for your dedication to this effort.

Deadline to enter your submission is 5pm/central on June 15, 2020 (EXTENDED)!!

Click here to view submission information and/or begin your online application. 

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