Made in Philadelphia | 9:30 – 11:00 AM

1.5 LU|HSW

Brian Phillips, AIA, principal of ISA, shares the firm’s work across a series of project types and scales including high performance multi-family housing, mixed-use urban infill, and tactical installations. The body of thinking is presented as an outgrowth of its Philadelphia context, and weaves parallel narratives around design, practice and urban culture. The talk will touch on Practice Management (integrating design leadership into business decisions), Project Management (demonstrating on-the-fly decision making that makes everyday projects better), Programming (new ways of living in the city), Project Planning (sharing the iterative testing process from early project phases), Project Development (sharing how final design and selections support the early concept).

Participants will:

  1. Learn how local context – history, regulation, economics, infrastructure – create strategic opportunities for design innovation.
  2. Learn ways that urban and cultural trends are making fresh demands on housing form, function and performance by focusing on a discussion of unit size and program related to new lifestyles and family structures as well as how building edges can animate and engage the city at large.
  3. Hear of case studies of green, infill, mixed-use projects in urban settings through the lenses of program, design and construction and discuss methods for achieving energy efficiency in urban housing balancing budget, envelope performance, windows and cladding choices. The pros and cons of each will be analyzed.
  4. Learn how a design practice can emphasis timeliness (meeting the immediate demands of the present), rather then timelessness (an abstract notion of traditional architectural longevity). Attendees will learn what constitutes good quality urban buildings in areas of cities that do not support high construction budgets and therefore higher rents which addresses the element of housing access and equity as well as gentrification.