Challenges, Opportunities & Successes Working in Today’s Market 11:30 AM- 1PM


Join us at lunch and listen in on informal conversation of professionals from diverse backgrounds discussing the challenges, opportunities and successes working in today’s market.

Join us and hear from design professionals in Tennessee from diverse backgrounds as they discuss best practices and how diversity and firm culture can create challenges, opportunities and wins for your company, your community, the profession and society. Participants will learn the importance of fostering a diverse profession to improve the lives of clients, users and the public through the application of design thinking.

Moderated by Brian Tibbs, AIA and panelists include Tennessee architects:

  • Jimmie Tucker, AIA
  • Valerie Franklin, AIA
  • Linda Marzialo, AIA
  • Sheila Dial, AIA
  • Vinicio Liriano, AIA