Tour 6: The Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus | 1:30 – 4:00 PM

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The Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is a new sacred worship space in Knoxville, and is the Diocese of Knoxville’s first dedicated cathedral. The cathedral’s design is rooted in history through its use of classical materials, proportions, and ecclesiastical relationships. Participants will learn about the importance of liturgy, practice, symbolic meaning, formal materiality, and evocative aesthetics rooted within the classical design of a new Cathedral that seats more than 1,000 parishioners in a 25,000 workshop space. The tour will involve discussion and review of how materials were selected to enhance the spiritual experience of the parishioners and guests as well as discuss how the architects integrated energy efficient systems into the design in order for the building to save energy.

Participants will:

  1. Discuss methodologies and criteria for the selection of the building materials for use in a modern church designed and built in a classical form. The discussion will focus on the selection of exterior and interior materials that meet the aesthetic goals of the church while at the same time meeting project performance goals of durability, cost effectiveness, and assemblies to enhance acoustic performance.
  2. Observe the implementation and integration of extensive iconography utilizing international artisans and craftsman that is intended to transport those entering the building and center attention upon worship. The discussion will focus on the project integration and process of incorporating various trades of artisans and craftsmen within the building design and construction phases.
  3. Learn strategies for the integration of energy efficient systems in that can cool and heat large spaces and high ceilings of classic architecture to keep parishioner and guests comfortable in Tennessee’s climate of changing seasons.
  4. Understand how design was leveraged to create a master plan and physical layout of inspirational worship space that reflects the theology of the church allowing it to perform and last parishioners for generations.

Please be seated on the shuttle promptly at 1:30 pm/eastern and wear comfortable shoes. All shuttles will depart from the Knoxville Convention Center.