Workshop: Mass Timber Construction: Products, Performance and Design | 9:30 – 10:30 AM


Due to their high strength, dimensional stability and positive environmental performance, mass timber building products are quickly becoming materials of choice for sustainably-minded designers.

This presentation will provide a detailed look at the variety of mass timber products available, including glue-laminated timber (glulam), cross laminated timber (CLT), nail laminated timber (NLT), heavy timber decking, and other engineered and composite systems.

Applications for the use of these products under modern building codes will be discussed, and examples of their use in U.S. projects reviewed. Mass timber’s ability to act as both structure and exposed finish will also be highlighted, as will its performance as part of an assembly, considering design objectives related to structural performance, fire resistance, acoustics, and energy efficiency. Other topics will include detailing and construction best practices, lessons learned from completed projects and trends for the increased use of mass timber products in the future.


About the presenter: Bruce Lindsey, Wood Products Council

Based out of Charlotte, NC, Bruce is a 25+ year veteran of the Wood Products Industry.  His multi-faceted career experience has included architectural design, structural design and various roles within the engineered wood products industry including, marketing, product management, distribution, consulting and sales.  He is a leading consultant in 4 and 5 story wood framed construction, mass timber implementation, and has an extensive knowledge in the application and use of Engineered Wood Products.  As the Southeast Regional Director for the Wood Products Council, Bruce serves as a Wood Products Industry spokesperson and educator, dedicated to growing the knowledge and use of structural wood products in non-residential construction through a variety of forums and seminars reaching over 1,000 design professionals annually.  Bruce is one of the region’s current leading resources on the implementation and sustainability of wood products, working with local/state government, professional associations, and industry to promote the environmental and economic benefits of wood construction.