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Done it.

ARE Timing

With the diligent work and persistence of AIA Tennessee, ARE Timing has been adopted in our state.  If you are currently enrolled in NCARB IDP, you are now eligible to take the ARE concurrently.


Doing it.


AIA Tennessee has been working intently with AIA National, NCARB, and the State Licensing Board to advance the process in obtaining licensure.


Annual State Convention

Convention registration is offered at a greatly reduced rate and scholarships are available!

Contact Ashley Cates or Sheila Leggett if you would like to aid in any of the above efforts.


You do it.

Get Involved!

You are the future of our profession.  Support our profession by becoming an AIA Associate Member and enjoy the benefits and add value to your practice by being involved with the AIA family.  Send an email to Ashley Cates or Sheila Leggett for membership information or call us at (615) 255-3860.

Students, visit the AIAS website to get connected and get started on your path to architecture or email to Tony Vanky, AIAS National Vice President.

Click here to get involved with AIA National.

Email the Gulf States Executive Director Sheila Leggett to get involved with AIA Gulf States Region.

Join the AIA Gulf State Region Emerging Professionals Google Group.

Contact your local chapter for emerging professional events in your area:

Get Licensed!

Visit NCARB to get started with your Intern Development Program.

Ready for the ARE?  Visit  our AE State Licensing Board to get started on your application.

Click here for licensing information from AIA National.

Kaplan is a proud sponsor of the AIA Tennessee Associates.  Visit their website to purchase ARE 4.0 Study Materials.


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