State Agencies & Licensing Board

Tennessee State Building Commission

The State Building Commission (SBC) oversees construction of all State public buildings. The SBC´s responsibility has been expanded to include authority over most acquisition, disposal, improvement or demolition of real property owned by the State with the exclusion of roads, highways and bridges. In addition, its authority extends to the leasing of real property as well as disposal by lease of State property.

The SBC meets on the second Thursday every month. The Executive Subcommittee meets the second Monday following the SBC meeting.


Office of the State Architect

The Office of the State Architect provides staff support to the Tennessee State Building Commission (SBC).  Ann McGauran was selected by the SBC to serve as the State Architect.  She serves as its Chief Staff Officer and is responsible for implementing its By-laws, Policy and Procedures.

Information including (but not limited to):

  • BIM Standards,
  • Designer Selection Process, and
  • DB-1 Policy

The State Architect also leads the Quality in Construction (QIC) Task Force.  

View the OSA’s Designers Information.


State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management (STREAM)

STREAM is a division of the Department of General Services is dedicated to operating, managing, and maintaining the State’s real estate assets.  Visit STREAM’s website for more information on:

  • Advertisements, Procedures & Reports
  • Project Management, and
  • Asset & Lease Management


Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR)

TBR Office of Facilities Development manages the planning, design, and construction processes for Tennessee Board of Regents’ institutions. Information including (but not limited to):

  • Facilities Development Manual,
  • Facilities Designer’s Manual,
  • Information on general items such as risk management and request for proposal’s, and
  • Information on project construction can be found on TBR’s website.


University of Tennessee (UT)

The University of Tennessee Division of Facilities Planning supports the UT System and Institutions with the planning and administration of the University’s Capital Improvement Program including the following services:

  • Development of facilities programs and capital project budgets.
  • Development of capital funding requests.
  • Administration of the design and construction of capital projects.
  • Leadership of special facilities planning and improvement projects

More information such as invitation to bid, request for proposals and designers manual can be found online at


Tennessee Board of Architectural & Engineering Examiners (TBAEE)

The TBAEE is responsible for registration requirements for architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers. Its missions is to protect the public health, safety and welfare through the regulation of the professions noted above, by means of evaluation, education, examination, licensure and disciplinary action; and to communicate with its registrants and the public regarding the laws and standards of the professions.

TBAEE is responsible for enforcing T.C.A.12-4-107 which requires that design professionals for public projects in TN must be selected through Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) rather than competitive bid process.  If you (or your firm) see a public entity using the competitive bid process, please contact theTBAEE’s executive director, John Cothron, at 800-256-5758.

Please visit their website to find information on new rules, laws and attorney general opinions related to architects.  Useful information includes:

  • Public Meetings Calendar, Agenda & Minutes
  • Architect Information
  • Additional Forms & Download, and
  • Frequently Asked Questions