The Tennessee AIA Leadership Network (TALN) was formed as a result from the 2015 AIA’s Member Service Alignment, and is designed to encourage all components within a state to coordinate our efforts, thereby ensuring no member will be underserved. By bringing leaders and staff together in statewide conversations, leaders will determine how to best deliver Core Member Services to every member.

TN AIA Leadership Network
TN AIA Leadership Network convened in November 2015.

About TALN:

In 2015, AIA National developed a list of Core Member Services that every member has the right to expect. Drawn from prior Board-approved component agreements, the Core Member Services have been modernized to reflect current best practices and member expectations.  Beginning in 2016, state and local components will need to go through an accreditation process to assert that these Core Member Services are being met by the component.

The Core Member Services are (download the detailed list for more information):

  1. Member Communications
  2. Education
  3. Advocacy
  4. Elevate Public Awareness
  5. Governance
  6. Membership
  7. Finance & General Operations

What are AIA Tennessee & Local Components Doing about the Member Service Alignment?

Participants in the TALN  work together to review services, such as communications, advocacy, revenue-sharing, membership, leadership development, technology, best practices, public outreach and disaster response. The goal of the TALN is to improve your AIA experience.

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