The Tennessee Architects’ Political Action Committee serves as a single voice on architects’ positions for, the built environment, our profession, our communities and our practices. It is an integral part of AIA Tennessee’s advocacy efforts.  Through TAPAC contributions, our profession supports members of the General Assembly who support our positions in the legislative and public policy arena. A strong PAC ensures that when decisions are made, architects will be at the table and not on the menu!

Political Contributions and Grassroots Activism Leads to Results! TAPAC Needs Your Support Now.

To contribute, please CLICK HERE AND COMPLETE the Form.

TAPAC is non-partison and contributes its dollars to Democratic and Republican Caucuses; the Senate and House Leadership; and key legislators (rural and urban). The TAPAC Board is compromised of architects from arcross Tennessee. Contributions are recommended based on voting records, committee assignments and leadership positions. TAPAC is bipartisan and determines contributions based on candidates past support for policies that impact the built environment and the profession.  TAPAC contributors are welcome to suggest candidates for support.

TAPAC Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Contribute to TAPAC?

Participation in TAPAC is open to everyone. Contributions can be made by individuals, partnerships, and other PACs.  Corporate contributions can now be accepted!   Contributions to TAPAC are not tax deductible.

Why should I support TAPAC?

Architects need to ensure their voice is heard in Nashville! There are groups out there who oppose our interests and beliefs. Sometimes it’s proposed changes in agency regulations.  Sometimes, it’s legislative efforts that shift our responsibilities, or changes that dilute our ability to offer the services we have been trained to provide.

TAPAC provides us with the opportunity to become part of our advocacy effort.  By contributing to TAPAC, we can directly support the efforts of our government relations program and be an active participant in what we do as an organization

TAPAC Board Members

Ryan Dobbs, AIA – Knoxville

Jeff Earwood, AIA – Nashville

Valarie Franklin, AIA – Nashville

Ginger French, AIA – Jackson

Matt Lyle, AIA – Chattanooga | CHAIR

Pat Neuhoff, AIA – Chattanooga

Frank Ricks, AIA – Treasurer – Memphis

Robert Reedy, AIA – Elizabethton

Memphis Seat 2 – OPEN

Knoxville Seat 2 – OPEN

Chattanooga Seat 2 – OPEN


Ashley Cates (non-voting)

Bill Nolan (non-voting)

Lindsay Craig Spain (non-voting)


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