The AIA 2021 annual meeting was held June 10, 2021. Hear remarks from leadership as well as the 2021 Treasurer’s report and new business

AIA’s annual meeting sparked debate about the Institute’s governance structure, prioritized investment in underserved communities, and emphasized a more diverse pipeline for the profession. Learn more about each Resolution that passed and the Bylaws amendment.

Spotlight on Bylaws Amendment of Regions Transition

As part of its effort to ensure members receive value at all levels of AIA membership, AIA is undergoing a transition to dissolve AIA regions. As part of this transition, AIA Tennessee has been working in connection with local AIA components in our state over the last year to ensure a positive outcome for AIA members in Tennessee. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the AIA regions transition process.

What is changing with AIA Regions?

At the 2021 AIA Annual meeting delegates voted to approve Bylaws Amendment 21-A Dissolution of AIA Regions. The amendment will dissolve the regional structure and position state AIA chapters as the conduit of information between the local and national level of AIA. More information about the bylaws amendment is available here.

Why is AIA making this change?

The bylaws amendment followed an analysis by AIA national and reflects ongoing changes in association management to shift away from regional structures as technology has enabled different forms of communication. Surveys indicated that many AIA members were not aware of their region and received more value from their local, state and national AIA affiliations.

How will this change affect AIA members in Tennessee?

In the past, Tennessee was part of the AIA Gulf States Region along with Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The AIA state chapters of the former Gulf States region have formed a task force to address the transition process. The task force is reviewing options for continued partnership among the state chapters including review of the AIA Gulf States Design Awards program and collaboration among state leaders and emerging professionals. Recommendations of the task force will be reviewed by each state chapter’s board of directors.

What steps is AIA Tennessee taking?

Over the last two years, AIA components in Tennessee have collaborated to strengthen the network of AIA members in anticipation of the regions transition. As part of 2019 Capacity Building initiative, the Tennessee AIA Leadership Network (TALN) was restructured to allow leadership and executives from each component to collaborate on issues that affect AIA members in Tennessee broadly. In its new form, TALN serves as a collaboration and communications platform to ensure information is communicated effectively between the local and national levels, as well as among AIA chapters in Tennessee.

What are the next steps?

The region transition process will take place over the next three years. AIA Tennessee will be working with local AIA components in the state to gather input on the process and ensure AIA members in Tennessee have an active voice in decisions that affect our state. We will continue to share information over the course of the transition to keep members up to date, and will look forward to new opportunities for members as the transition is completed.

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